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Rosalie’s chocolates consist of high-quality ingredients, from the cocoa beans to the salt grains on top! For the supply of cocoa beans – the core essence of our goood chocolate – Rosalie’s partners with Cocoa Horizons.

Cocoa Horizons  is a non-profit organization, established in 2015, which focuses on the living and working conditions of cocoa farmers in the global south. The program wants to improve their livelihoods and that of their communities (goood for others) through the promotion of sustainable and entrepreneurial farming (goood for the planet). Training and financial support help transform them into self-sustaining farming communities that protect both nature and the future of their children. Currently, the Cocoa Horizons program supports 247,062 cocoa farmers in West Africa, Indonesia, Brazil and Ecuador. More than 50,000 of these farmers are women.

Futureproof cocoa farming

Cocoa beans are typically farmed by small farmers in remote areas where basic infrastructure, such as schooling and healthcare, are absent. These farmers try to maximize the output of their efforts to feed their families but, because they lack the knowledge of efficient farming techniques, quickly deforest and deplete the soil that feeds them. Cocoa Horizons educates them on sustainable farming, on how to take care of the soil and forest. This not only keeps our natural resources in balance but also allows the farmers and their communities to prosper.

Rosalie’s sources every single cocoa bean through Cocoa Horizons. With loving kindness as our mission, how could we not? As the core ingredient used in Rosalie’s chocolate bonbons is sustainably and ethically sourced, that’s literally guilt-free chocolate!