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Our chocolate bonbons

Treat yourself & those you love with delicious Rosalie’s chocolates bonbons

At Rosalie’s, we’re one big family of chocolate lovers. Foodies who don’t just expect quality, but also want the best of the best. Our pure passion for chocolate is brought to life by our in-house chef chocolatier. He creates unique chocolate bonbons dipped in Belgian chocolate tradition and sweetened to perfection for a global audience.
Every bite promises a new experience of flavour and texture. It’s the fresh combination of ingredients – the smooth caramel ganache, the crunch of French sea salt, the pleasant tinge of Liège syrup – that makes every Rosalie’s chocolate bonbon one of a kind. It’s our mission to spread happiness, love and kindness to the world. One chocolate bonbon at a time!

Our goood chocolates,
the foundation of our
elegant assortments.

Dark Chocolate Ganache – Dark

A 70% dark chocolate ganache enrobed in 70% dark chocolate and decorated with 70% dark chocolate shavings.

Vanilla Ganache – Dark

Dark chocolate and vanilla ganache enhanced with biscuit crunch, enrobed in dark chocolate and decorated with biscuit powder.

Salted Caramel Ganache – Milk

Dark chocolate and caramel ganache enhanced with a touch of French sea salt from Guérande, enrobed in milk chocolate and decorated with dark chocolate splitters.

Praliné à l’Ancienne – Milk

A perfect blend of crushed almond and hazelnut pieces to experience the original praliné taste and texture, enrobed in milk chocolate and decorated with cocoa nibs.

Pecan & Orange Praliné – Milk

Pecan praliné enhanced with pecan nuts and orange pieces for a subtle texture and taste, covered in milk chocolate and decorated with a blond chocolate top.

Almond Praliné – Dark

Almond praliné made with Spanish almonds from Valencia, combined with feuilletine and enrobed in dark chocolate decorated with Valencian almond powder.

Raspberry Ganache – Dark

A raspberry ganache elevated by the freshness of raspberry jam, covered in dark chocolate and engraved with our cocoa bean emblem.

Speculoos Praliné &
Liège Syrup – Dark

Speculoos praliné combined with Liège syrup to celebrate our Belgian heritage and know-how, covered in dark chocolate.

Hazelnut Praliné – Milk

Discover our homemade hazelnut praliné covered in milk chocolate.

Arabica Coffee Ganache – Milk

A 72% dark chocolate and Arabica coffee ganache, covered in milk chocolate and engraved with our cocoa bean emblem.

You’ve scrolled all the way down. That means you can order yourself some goood Rosalie’s chocolate bonbons. Go on. You deserve it.