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We are Rosalie’s Chocolates. Sweet to meet you!

Supreme quality, sustainably sourced, and super tasty.

We love to create chocolate. And we love to share our passion with you. The beating heart of Rosalie’s? Our factory is located in chocolate capital Brussels, where we mix quality ingredients into surprising flavour combinations. Goood for you, goood for the planet and goood for cacao farmers and their children.

This is what we want for you and for the world, this is Rosalie’s mission:

loving kindness.

Chocolates to express love & kindness

Mastering the art of gifting

Rosalie’s offers a range of premium Belgian chocolate bonbons, made from the best quality and natural ingredients to create incredible flavour in every bite. To surprise the ones you love, or to treat yourself. It’s up to you!

We don’t need to remind you how fun it is to receive something sweet like chocolates. With loving kindness as our mission, Rosalie’s wants to turn you into a master of giving. Invite friends and family to discover a wide variety of refined classic chocolate flavours. Thank your customers with a box of dark and milk chocolates embellished with your brand logo. Put a smile on someone’s face and find out how gifting Rosalie’s chocolates tastes the sweetest!

Chocolates with a sustainable focus

Driving change for cacao farming communities

Our chocolates are delicious, but we don’t stop there. At Rosalie’s, we make it our responsibility to be loving & kind to our cocoa farmers and their children, which is why we source 100% sustainable cocoa through the Cocoa Horizons Foundation.

Through Cocoa Horizons, we’re helping to support thousands of cocoa farmers with sustainable techniques to professionalise their business, to ensure they can prosper and be self-sufficient for generations to come. So you can enjoy our chocolates without any guilt. And if by doing so we bring back colour to people’s lives, then we have achieved our mission: loving kindness. Now doesn’t that feel goood?

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Chocolates dipped in Belgian traditions

In-house chef with a nose for unique and authentic flavours

Rosalie’s is a brand of Manufacture Belge de Chocolats. For a hundred years, since 1921, passionate chocolatiers have created authentic and flavourful Belgian chocolates for the global chocolate-loving market in the very same building.

Today, we are one of the few remaining Belgian chocolatiers who still makes praliné completely from scratch, here in our own kitchens. From grinding the caramelized hazelnuts to the decoration of each individual bonbon, all of our Rosalie’s Chocolates are produced on-site. Our 20.000 m2 production site is located in Brussels, the heart of chocolate manufacturing, where a team of 220 people use their love for chocolate to create moments of loving kindness every single day.