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Recently, we shared how and why we source our cocoa beans sustainably through the Cocoa Horizons Program. By actively supporting cocoa farmers in the Global South, we help build both durable living conditions for farmers and their families and promote sustainable, future-proof cocoa farming. That’s being goood for others and goood for the planet, in one stroke! At Rosalie’s Chocolates, we don’t stop there. We aim to thread our mission of loving kindness through all aspects of our Belgian chocolate collection.

Goood for the planet, from cocoa beans to recycled wrapping

The next logical step? Designing and producing an eco-friendly packaging for Rosalie’s Chocolates. Brand agency DesignRepublic incorporated our sustainable mission into the design of the wrapping and boxes with soft pastel colours that match the natural flavours of Rosalie’s chocolate bonbons. While finding the balance between sustainability and shelf-life posed quite a challenge – especially because of the fact that Rosalie’s chocolate bonbons are made with natural ingredients – we succeed in creating eye-catching gift boxes made from FSC-certified recyclable paper, with plastic trays made from 75 % recycled plastic.

Eco-friendly customized business gifts

Rosalie’s Chocolates loves to partner with professional businesses that understand how a small token of appreciation makes a difference for clients or employees. How a small gesture of loving kindness can brighten someone’s day. At Rosalie’s Chocolates, you can personalize any of our gift boxes with a customized paper sleeve that features your company brand. Just like our eco-friendly gift boxes, your branded packaging can be finetuned using sustainable wrapping material, from paper to ink! Stay top of mind with clients and business relations by matching your quality brand with Rosalie’s goood Belgian chocolates.

Contact our corporate business manager Jean-François to start creating your goood business gift!


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