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When Rosalie’s Chocolates called DesignRepublic to partner up for the design of our chocolate collection, Belgium was facing the isolation of a pandemic lockdown. ‘I strongly felt an urge for connection, as everyone did at that time, and somehow that feeling fitted perfectly with Rosalie’s mission,’ says Creative Director Murtaza Teke. ‘I went with my intuition. And with my 25 years of experience in brand design,’ he laughs. ‘Love, kindness, and the act of giving were the principles that led the way.’

Design by DesignRepublic

Murtaza and his team designed Rosalie’s Chocolates as a true statement brand. Youthful and modern, with soft pastel colours to match the natural flavours of Rosalie’s chocolate bonbons. A bright yellow warning-like label on the sides positively warns consumers that they’re about to taste goood, sustainably sourced Belgian chocolates. ‘We wanted the packages to look like they have already been gift-wrapped. A box of Rosalie’s Chocolates should give you that little shudder of joy when you hold it in your hands. It should make you smile because you’re holding a yummy treat that looks beautiful.’

Recyclable packaging

It’s not just our chocolates that are goood for the planet. From the start, we at Rosalie’s made clear that we want to incorporate our sustainable mission into all aspects of our chocolate collection. Finding the balance between sustainability and shelf-life poses quite a challenge, certainly in products where natural instead of artificial ingredients are used, such as Rosalie’s chocolate bonbons. Sometimes, the devil even proved to be in the details. For example, we chose not to use gold lettering on our packaging. Why? Because gold foil is not biodegradable. The result? Rosalie’s eye-catching gift boxes are made from FSC-certified recyclable paper, with plastic trays made from 75 % recycled plastic.

Curious about what’s inside Rosalie’s poppin’ eco-friendly boxes?

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