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The smile you break into when a friend holds out a box of chocolate bonbons and offers you one. The excitement you feel trying to decide which flavour to get. That warm, soothing feeling when a piece of chocolate softly melts in your mouth. Moments every chocolate lover recognises. But it begs the question: why does chocolate taste so good? In this blog, Chef Chocolatier Noel explains why humans love everything about this sweet treat.

It’s part chemical

“We have to get a bit scientific and technical here. Chocolate contains small trace amounts of some psychoactive chemicals, such as anandamide, tyramine, phenylethylamine, theobromine and caffeine. These elements stimulate our brain, making us feel joyful and seducing our senses. Dark, white or milk chocolate, … these chemical effects are limited, wear off quickly and are quite harmless. So, of course, we would recommend regular dosages! (laughs)”

It’s part sensory

“When you bite into a piece of chocolate, all of your senses are hard at work. Your eyes scan the vibrant colours and crafted texture of the bonbon. The warmth of your fingers already slightly melts the outer chocolate layer as you bring it to your lips. Your nose picks up on the nutty, roasted fragrance of the cocoa beans. You hear the delicate crack when you snap the chocolate between your teeth. A bombshell of flavours unfolds as the creamy chocolate melts on your tongue.”

It’s part nostalgia

”Time to be honest: in the end, sugar and fat are the main reason why chocolate tastes good! Not because of our prehistoric survivor instinct to crave rich foods or our modern diets brimming with added sugars and saturated fats. It’s because the balance between sugar and fat in chocolate is similar to that of milk, and in particular, human breast milk. Similar to the first comfort food humans experience, chocolate continues to soothe us as adults.”

A nice blend of chemistry and biology: that’s why chocolate tastes good to us humans. Reaching for that second piece of chocolate, you really can say it’s just human nature! So, if you’re in need of a little comfort or reassurance, make sure to keep some goood Belgian chocolate at hand. Rosalie’s Chocolates are ready to order 24/7 at our online webshop and delivered right to your doorstep.

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