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In a world filled with fast-paced living and on-the-go snacks, it’s easy to forget the simple pleasures that life has to offer. One of these delights? Taking the time to fully savour a chocolate bonbon. But how do you taste chocolate like an expert chocolatier? With all five senses, of course! Whether you love dark chocolate ganache, almond praliné or salted caramel ganache, any chocolate bonbon will do. Use this step-by-step chocolate-tasting guide to discover the sensory power of chocolate!

1 | Unwrap

Take the chocolates out of the fridge or storage box for about 15 minutes so they are at room temperature. Gently pick up a chocolate bonbon of choice. Feel the weight in your hand, the texture of the chocolate layer underneath your fingertips. Does it feel smooth and well-tempered, or do you detect a surprising shape?

2 | Admire

Now take a closer look at the chocolate bonbon. Chocolatiers put a lot of thought into both the flavour and the design of each creation. Hold it up to the light. Can you see the glossy sheen of perfectly tempered chocolate? Or is the bonbon enrobed with cocoa dust or decorated with nuts or fruits?

3 | Whiff

Bring the chocolate bonbon closer. No biting yet! Take a deep breath in. Which aromas can you detect? The deep, earthly notes of chocolate? The tinge of zesty fruit tones? The buttery sweetness of caramel?

4 | Bite

Now sink your teeth into the bonbon. Hear the soft crackle as you bite through the outer layer of chocolate and reach the soft or gooey filling on the inside. Can you feel the chocolate melting on your tongue? Time for the final step!

5 | Savour

Indulge! Notice how the chocolate flavours evolve on your palate. After the immediate rush of sweetness, notice which notes linger. The velvety, slightly bitter hint of dark chocolate? The toasty notes of hazelnut? A hint of vanilla?

In the rush of our daily routines, we tend to overlook the bliss of simple, everyday moments. Taking time to savour a chocolate bonbon while paying attention to all of your senses isn’t just about indulgence, it’s a chance to appreciate sensations that often pass us by. So next time you reach for a sweet treat, take a moment to truly experience it. You’ll find that in these moments the world slows down and you’ll feel calm and present, ready to tackle what comes next. Another chocolate bonbon, perhaps!

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