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In this blog post, chef chocolatier Noël shares the inspiration behind Rosalie’s Chocolates’ collection. The non-negotiable elements? Quality, sustainability and natural ingredients. “As a passionate chocolatier, these values resonate deeply with me, and I firmly believe that they form the perfect recipe for crafting unique and delicious chocolates.”, says Noël. Read about the journey of creating goood Belgian chocolate bonbons, filled with love and kindness in every bite!

Chocolate innovation through simplicity

“Innovation in the chocolate world is often associated with extravagant combinations or bold flavours, but true invention lies in simplicity. By embracing the essence of traditional methods and blending it with a modern spirit, for example, we created the Praliné à l’Ancienne bonbon. This unique blend of high-quality almonds and hazelnuts, crushed coarsely to achieve a delightful crunchy texture, takes us back to a time when technology did not influence our culinary processes. Sometimes, revisiting the past and infusing it with a contemporary touch can result in something truly exceptional.”

Nostalgia in every chocolate bonbon bite

“Inspiration is sometimes sparked by cherished childhood memories, and one such memory for me was the combination of speculoos and sirop de Liège. As a child, I fondly recall my grandparents generously spreading pear syrup and speculoos on slices of bread. Capturing the magic of those moments, I introduced the Speculoos Praliné & Liège Syrup bonbon to the collection. With every bite, I hope everyone is transported back to the enchantment of childhood memories, evoking feelings of warmth and joy.”

Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

“Rosalie’s Chocolates’ commitment to quality extends beyond taste. We carefully select high-quality natural ingredients for our chocolates and employ sustainable ecological packaging to minimise environmental impact. Furthermore, we are proud to source our chocolate from the Cocoa Horizons project, which supports cocoa farmers and their families, empowering them to adopt sustainable techniques and improve their livelihoods. With each purchase, you back this noble cause, spreading kindness through our chocolates and supporting these communities.”

“As a chef chocolatier, it brings me immense joy to share my passion and dedication through Rosalie’s Chocolates. Our collection leverages authenticity, simplicity, and innovation to embody moments of love and happiness. Whether enrobed in milk chocolate or dark chocolate, every bite is a testament to our commitment to quality, sustainability, and the art of Belgian chocolate-making. Indulge in Rosalie’s Chocolates and savour simple yet extraordinary flavours, crafted with care and loving kindness.”

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