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The chef chocolatier is the creative mind behind new chocolate bonbons or a collection of chocolates. At Rosalie’s, chef chocolatier Noël and his team of chocolate lovers created a collection of ten chocolate bonbons made with natural ingredients. How did Rosalie’s chef chocolatier select the flavours for a new bonbon collection? And which other tasks does a chocolatier have once a new assortment of chocolates is launched? Noël happily takes you behind the scenes of his work at Rosalie’s.

Rosalie’s chocolates’ flavour palette

In creating Rosalie’s chocolate collection, chef chocolatier Noël focused on exclusively working with sustainable and natural ingredients. For a chocolatier, this is quite a challenge! Why? Because the aromas and looks of natural flavours and colours fade with time. This is why many chocolatiers and food producers, in general, prefer using artificial colours and flavours over natural ingredients. Rosalie’s chooses to be as goood as possible and accepted the challenge!

The result? A collection of refined chocolate bonbons, where classic tastes are balanced with surprising flavours. Including a nod to the Belgian art of chocolate bonbon-making. Rosalie’s praliné, for example, is not just a creamy and silky smooth filling, it’s homemade praliné à l’ancienne. Based on the original techniques of Belgian chocolatiers, the bonbon retains that little bit of delicious hazelnut crunch in every bite.

A day in the life of a chef chocolatier

After creating and launching a chocolate bonbon collection, what does a chef chocolatier do all day? Rosalie’s chef chocolatier Noël keeps busy inside and outside Rosalie’s factory.

At Rosalie’s, Noël monitors the production of every batch of new chocolate bonbons. The process is more intricate than you might think! There is a lot of tasting involved, not just of the finished goood Belgian chocolates, but of most of the ingredients that make up Rosalie’s chocolates. While the core ingredients of our chocolates remain the same, their taste can vary with every new wholesale purchase. Take the coffee bean, for instance, one of the main ingredients in our Arabica coffee ganache bonbon. Depending on where and under what conditions coffee beans are grown – such as the temperature, or how dry or moist the season was – and how they are harvested and roasted, each coffee bean will have a specific taste. That’s why you can find and buy so many different varieties of coffee in the supermarket. When coffee beans enter Rosalie’s chocolate factory, the chef chocolatier makes sure the flavour of the beans is consistent, so that every batch of Arabica coffee ganache bonbons will have that same delicious rich, sweet flavour.

When he is not busy doing quality checks, Rosalie’s chef chocolatier Noël is usually on the road. He travels across the globe to present Rosalie’s chocolates at specialist fairs, talks to experts in the field and learns of the newest trends and techniques in the world of chocolate making. Noël often returns to Rosalie’s brimming with ideas about surprising flavours and exciting new combinations!

Curious about Rosalie’s ten naturally flavoured bonbons?

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