Milk & dark bonbons of kindness 8pc


8pc/75g bonbons of kindness

Milk & dark assortment elegantly presented in a small gift box

In this sweet little case, you will find the most popular tastes of Rosalie’s.

8 bites of joy for everyone who loves goood chocolate


Praliné à l’Ancienne

A perfect blend of almonds and hazelnuts crushed pieces to experience the original praliné taste and texture,
enrobed in milk chocolate and decorated with cocoa nibs.

Arabica Coffee Ganache

A 72% dark chocolate and Arabica coffee ganache, covered in milk chocolate and engraved with our cocoa bean

Almond Praliné

Almond praliné made with Spanish almonds from Valencia, combined with feuilletine and enrobed in dark chocolate
decorated with Valencian almonds powder

Speculos Praliné & Liège Syrup

Speculoos praliné combined with Liège syrup from Belgium to celebrate our Belgian heritage and know-how, covered
in dark chocolate.