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Have you spotted Rosalie’s Chocolates brightly pastel-coloured display in a duty-free shop at the airport? As a global brand, you can find our deliciously goood Belgian chocolate bonbons in major airports across Europe! While we can’t guarantee good weather at your destination, you will always find these three things in every duty-free shop that sells Rosalie’s Chocolates.

  • Every box of Rosalie’s Chocolates

From Bonbonbardments of Love to a Bonbonexplosion of Love, you’ll find every assortment of Rosalie’s Belgian chocolate bonbons at the duty-free sales point. Whether you want to treat a loved one at home to some goood Belgian chocolates, or just buy a little pouch of delicious snacks for the flight!

  • The most sustainable Belgian chocolates in the entire airport

The reason why Rosalie’s chocolates are not just goood for you, your loved ones but also goood for the planet? They’re the most sustainable chocolate bonbons in the airport! Rosalie’s Chocolates are made with sustainably sourced natural ingredients, placed in trays made from 75 % recycled plastic and wrapped in eye-catching gift boxes made from FSC-certified recyclable paper.

  • A taste of Belgium, wherever you go

Whether you’re returning home and need something to remind you of your stay in Belgium, or you’re leaving Belgium but want a little taste of home in case you get homesick, Rosalie’s Chocolates has got you covered! From a ten-piece pouch with milk and dark chocolates, easy to store in your handbag, to the largest box of our Belgian chocolates to pack away in your luggage, bring along a tasty experience wherever you travel!

Need to get your hands on some goood Belgian chocolate bonbons but not travelling any time soon? Not to worry! All of Rosalie’s Chocolates boxes are available in our webshop.

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