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Have you ever sipped from a steaming cup of tea while indulging in a rich chocolate bonbon? This experience is astonishing: as the warmth of the tea envelops the bonbon in your mouth, it unfolds into a dizzying explosion of flavours. Curious about how this happens? Rosalie’s Chef Chocolatier explains the blissful process and presents four fantastic tea pairings. Is your mouth watering yet?

The magic of tea pairing explained

When you enjoy chocolate bonbons alongside a cup of hot tea, the difference in temperature between the warm tea and the room-temperature chocolate initiates a process known as ‘tempering’. Because the tea gently heats your mouth, it prompts the outer layer of chocolate to melt. This releases a burst of rich flavours and tempting aromas previously trapped within the chocolate, allowing them to fully bloom on your palate.

The combination of the melted chocolate and the flavourful fillings of the bonbon creates a symphony of taste sensations that dance across your tongue. Moreover, with every sip the hot tea serves as a palate cleanser, refreshing your taste buds and preparing them to fully relish the next bite of chocolate.

Discover savoury tea pairings with Belgian chocolate

Are you ready for some hands-on experience after this theory lesson? Then sink your teeth into a tasty marriage of tea and chocolate. With these four delicious tea pairings of Rosalie’s chocolates, you’ll forget all about that obvious sidekick (coffee).

1. Oolong tea x Praliné à l’Ancienne

The floral notes and smooth finish of oolong tea tantalise your taste buds already. Combined with a bite of our Praliné à l’Ancienne bonbon, it becomes an amazing taste party. As the tea glides smoothly across your tongue, it intertwines perfectly with the nutty richness of almond and hazelnut nestled within the praliné.

2. Mint tea x Salted Caramel Ganache

This tea pairing beautifully blends a delightful contrast of sensations. The abundant and creamy sweetness of the Salted Caramel Ganache bonbon is lovely balanced by the refreshing coolness and herbal notes of the mint tea.

3. Darjeeling tea x Dark Chocolate Ganache

Darjeeling tea’s floral and fruity aromas provide a light and revitalising counterpart to the intensity of the Dark Chocolate Ganache bonbon. Its delicate flavour profile accentuates the nuanced cocoa notes while cleansing the palate with its brisk finish.

4. Chai tea x Speculoos Praliné & Liège Syrup

The bold and spicy flavours of chai tea, infused with warming spices like cinnamon, cardamom and cloves, wonderfully complement the sweet and sour notes of the Speculoos Praliné & Liège Syrup bonbon.

Thrilled to try it out yourself? Treat your loved ones to a unique tea-pairing experience!
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Noël Lejeune is Chef Chocolatier at Rosalie’s Chocolates, the creative mind behind the premium Belgian chocolate collection. With years of experience in the Belgian chocolate-making business, he loves sharing his passion for all things sweet.

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