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Thinking hard about what to get your cousin for the holidays? Drew a distant co-worker for this year’s Secret Santa? Not to worry, Rosalie’s Chocolates has got you (chocolate-)covered! Because let’s be honest, you can never go wrong with chocolate. The fresh combination of ingredients – the smooth caramel ganache, the crunch of French sea salt, the pleasant tinge of Liège syrup – makes Rosalie’s chocolate bonbons an extraordinary gift.

Stockings filled with sweet gifts of kindness

Sprinkle some love and joy into the holiday festivities with Rosalie’s little pouches of richly favoured Belgian chocolates. We bet they won’t last into the new year!

  • Milk & Dark Bonbons of Kindness: a sweet little case with Rosalie’s most popular bonbons, also available as a trio pack.
  • Milk & Dark Pouch: a mix of 5 milk chocolates & 5 dark chocolates of the most popular Belgian chocolate combinations.

Gooodies for true chocolate lovers

Any sweet tooth knows that a selection of Rosalie’s ten unique bonbons just won’t do. This holiday season, treat your gourmand friend and family members therefore to every flavour of Rosalie’s Chocolates with these selections.

  • All Milk Bonbonbardments of Love: a selection of Rosalie’s flavours for milk chocolate lovers!
  • Milk & Dark Bonbonbardments of Love: 16 milk and dark chocolate bonbons, crafted by our chef chocolatiers.
  • Milk & Dark Bonbonexplosion of Love: the premium gift box with ALL of Rosalie’s goood chocolates!

Spread happiness, love and kindness this holiday season, one chocolate bonbon at a time! Find every box of Rosalie’s Chocolates at the sharpest prices in the online shop.

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