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Frequently Asked Questions

Rosalie's and your health
Is chocolate good for your health?

Cocoa is good for your health because it improves blood circulation and lowers blood pressure. Moreover, as it causes the creation of endorphins in the metabolism, it is good for the mood.

Are Rosalie’s chocolates vegetarian ?

All Rosalie’s products are suitable for vegetarians.

Are Rosalie’s chocolates vegan ?

None of Rosalie’s products are vegan as they contain or may contain milk.

Chocolate conservation
How long can Rosalie’s chocolates be kept ?

To know the expiry date, please consult the sticker on the product. From the moment they leave the factory, the best before date of our products is 9 months. To enjoy it deliciously, please taste it as soon as possible after opening, whatever the expiry date is. Rosalie’s products respect the expiry date if they have been stored under cover because chocolates are very sensitive to heat and sunlight.

How to store Rosalie’s chocolates ?

These products must be kept in a dry room with a temperature between 12°C and 18°C. If these conditions are not respected the products may lose their taste, texture, or appearance.

What allergens can Rosalie’s chocolates contain?

Rosalie’s products may contain allergens. Please see the analysis for each chocolate:

Chocolate reference Contains (or not) following allergens:
Soy Gluten Milk Nuts
Dark Chocolate Ganache Yes No Yes No
Vanilla Ganache Yes Yes Yes No
Salted Caramel Ganache Yes No Yes No
Praliné à l’Ancienne Yes No Yes Yes
Pecan & Orange Praliné Yes No Yes Yes
Almond Praliné Yes Yes Yes Yes
Raspberry Ganache Yes No Yes No
Speculoos Praliné & Liège Syrup Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hazelnuts Praliné Yes No Yes Yes
Arabica Coffee Ganache Yes No Yes Yes
Halal or Kosher suitability
Are the chocolates halal ?

All Rosalie’s products are suitable for halal conditions, except the Almond Praliné piece.

Are the chocolates kosher ?

Half of Rosalie’s products are kosher compliant.

This is the list of halal and kosher compliancy for each chocolate:

Chocolate name Compliancy with
Kosher Halal
Dark Chocolate Ganache Yes Yes
Vanilla Ganache Yes Yes
Salted Caramel Ganache No Yes
Praliné à l’Ancienne No Yes
Pecan & Orange Praliné No Yes
Almond Praliné No No
Raspberry Ganache Yes Yes
Speculoos Praliné & Liège Syrup Yes Yes
Hazelnuts Praliné Yes Yes
Arabica Coffee Ganache No Yes
Are the chocolates Fairtrade?

Our cocoa is ethically and sustainably sourced through the Cocoa Horizons Foundation. This foundation focuses on the “prosperity” of cocoa farmers and is based on the creation of independent farming communities that protect nature and children. ( )

Why are Rosalie’s products goood for the planet?

All our packaging is recyclable and sustainably sourced, so all our packaging is FSC certified. Furthermore, we use natural ingredients and if possible, from local origin.

My order
Can I cancel my order? 

We can cancel the order as long as the order has not been shipped. To do so, please contact Rosalie’s support via our website in the CONTACT tab or by e-mail at the following address:

Can I send my order to an address other than my own?

Yes, simply tick the ‘Send to another address’ box and enter the address you would like the parcel to be sent to.

Is it possible to personalize the gifts ? 

Indeed, Rosalie’s allows you to personalize your gifts. It is possible to add a personalized text as well as a sleeve with the image of your company. To do so, please contact our B2B department via the CONTACT tab of our website and by selecting “For B2B” in the question “How can we help you?” or by e-mail at the following address:

Can I choose the packaging?

No, it is not possible to choose the type of packaging, however, it is possible to add your company name to the packaging in the case of a B2B order or for corporate gifting. To do this, please contact our B2B department via the CONTACT tab on our website and select “For B2B” under the question “How can we help you?” or by e-mail at

What are the delivery methods? 

Rosalie’s offers 2 types of delivery:

  • The delivery at home or in company
  • The individual shipping, this delivery method, is unique to Rosalie’s. We ensure the delivery of your employees’ gifts by sending them directly to their home.


What are the delivery costs? 

The delivery costs depend on the quantity of the order, the place of delivery and the type of delivery:

  • Classic delivery in Belgium: €7
  • Classic delivery outside Belgium: €13 or £12 for the United-Kingdoms
  • Personalized delivery: This delivery allows you to make things easier. Indeed, Rosalie’s ensures the delivery to all your employees for you. For this type of delivery, please contact our B2B department via the following e-mail address:
What payment methods are available? 

Currently we only accept credit cards or payment via Google Pay.