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Find the sweetest holiday gifts at Rosalie’s outlet chocolate shop

By November 3, 2022No Comments

With loving kindness as our mission, Rosalie’s wants to turn you into a master of giving this holiday season. So let’s make it festive! Sprinkle Bonbons of Kindness around the office before Christmas leave or send Bonbonbardments of Love to those who matter most. The jolliest news? You can find our eye-catching gift boxes of goood Belgian chocolates at a discount price in Rosalie’s outlet chocolate shop, all year round. So don’t wait until December to pick up the sweetest holiday gifts!

Holiday gift boxes of Belgian chocolates at goood outlet prices

Why do we sell goood Belgian chocolates for a smaller price? Good question! There’s only one reason: because we care for the environment. If a bonbon or gift box does not quite meet the visual standards – because of little imperfections in the decoration or small dents in the packaging –, it would hurt us to see the chocolate go to waste. Because, yes, chocolate has an expiry date (not that this has ever been a problem around Rosalie’s chocolate-loving staff, come to think of it …). This is why we sell them at our outlet shop, where every chocolate bite tastes goood!

Looking for sweet holiday gifts that are goood for your loved ones, goood for the planet and goood for your wallet? Visit our outlet chocolate shop at the Rue de l’Armistice 5 in Brussels. Our sweet shopkeeper will help you choose the perfect holiday gift, every Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm.

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